Letter Pieces

‘Letter Pieces’ are a series of musical and theatrical works created by London-based Australian composer Matthew Shlomowitz. In December 2020, ten Sounds Unheard participants joined Matthew and Speak Percussion for one week to compose, rehearse and film their own Letter Pieces. The students worked in pairs to write their scores, choose their sounds and choreograph their gestures.

“Each Letter Piece has a score, positioning a small number of physical actions and sound events – which the players invent – in a fixed order. I have called them Letter Pieces because the scores use letters to represent these sounds and actions. To put it simply, I’ve created the structure and the players create the content; two enactments of the same piece look and sound entirely different.”

Matthew Shlomowitz

Hayley & Meer
Letter Piece No. 1 – Existence

Danielle & Zosia
Letter Piece 2020

Nick & Sasha
Letter Piece No. 1 – Astronomical, Becoming, Capital,Distant, Entropy

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