2021 Participants’ Prompts


Here’s a couple of music prompts I thought would be interesting:
– Create a theme song for your favourite book.
– Write a song about your personality.
– Create a song that embodies your pet or favourite animal.


Hi everyone! I’d like you to create a piece of music that resembles your aura and personality. Have fun!


I’d like you to make a piece of music that represents either the colour red, green, yellow or purple. 


Take a landscape or scene and write a piece based on how it changes time. Either a day, or a year with seasons, or a longer period of time like the lifetime of a building.


I’d like to make a piece of music/series of sounds inspired my one or more items of stationary. I think it would be cool to experiment with some sharp sounds for scissors and on-going from the previous sound for glue. Another example is thick and thin graphite in a pencil. The music wouldn’t have to be particularly on the stationary but the effect of it, like what happens when ink is spilt from a pen. It can be done with your instrument or anything you find around the house. I also think it would be fun to make short, individual sounds inspired by different stationary items and putting them together to see what you can make!


My prompt was make a song out of all the things around you. (Like a piece of paper, anything like that.)


I want you to create a musical piece that involves all of these things:

– You need to write a song or a short story that represents you. It doesn’t have to be about your life, it can, but it can also be about your personality or what you like. So if you like books then you can write a song about books but there are many other possibilities!
– Then create a musical piece which involves your favourite instrument and/or favourite type of music
– You can incorporate the song/story into your composition any way you want. But the piece has to be based on the song/story you created. e.g If you are a messy person you can involve messiness in your song/story somewhere and the composition can be messy and all over the place.

This task is all about representing you through music, so get creative and have fun!


I’d like you to create a piece of music that shifts genres. E.g. Pop to Rock, Lofi to Indie, Tech to experimental, the combinations are limitless. 

The transition can either be obvious or gradual, whatever works best for you. 


My prompt is choose a time period (e.g. 80s, 20s, 1700s) and write a short pastiche.


I’d like you to make a piece of music that is inspired by the physical sounds in your back/front yard, and the feeling that being in that location brings you.


I’d like you to make a piece of music that sounds messy and horrific which makes you feel angry. Have a go at experimenting with how you could convey the feeling of anger: would it be through sudden dramatic changes of pitch and tone, or maybe you went from a soft sound to an extremely loud sound? This is meant to be fun and you will learn lots about how to change the mood of a piece. The goal is to immediately let everyone else know (who is hearing your piece) that you are showing anger. Good luck! 🙂


My prompt for you is make something inspired by your favourite toy.

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