One week. Two composers.
Twelve performers. Unlimited creativity.

Over the course of one week in July, twelve Victorian secondary students will join Speak Percussion for the creative developments of two new works by internationally renowned composer Liza Lim and Speak’s 2017 Bespoke Composition Fellow Jeanette Little. The exceptional young musicians selected for this intensive will be invited into the world of professional musicians, exploring the roles of performer, composer, producer and director. Applications are invited from instrumentalists, composers and electronic artists.

The 2017 Sounds Unheard School Holiday Intensive will inspire the next generation of Australian musicians through a tailor-made program including workshops, rehearsals, discussions, and a performance. In this free program, the participants will be involved in every part of the creative process: experimenting with musical ideas, round-table discussions of the musical developments, rehearsals and performing in the first showing of new work.

Participants will be invited to return in December 2017 for the Sounds Unheard Performance Program and the world premiere of Little’s new work in a thrilling public performance.

From the Composers

“‘Atlas of the Sky’ will explore themes of power and the transmission of energy and ideas within constellations of people in activated situations (protesting crowds, social-media groups, etc). The work will draw upon a number of cross-cultural references to the astronomy of stars and their stories, with a focus on texts about the reading of sky maps as portents for change.”
– Liza Lim

“My new work will explore phasing and cycles, and the perception of time, in one continuous colossal revolving pattern. The aim is to create a shifting wall of sound that washes over the audience. The tribal intensity and incessant motion will invite you to consider life’s – and the human body’s – limitations and limitlessness. The work will explore different timbres and types of sounds masses, such as white-noise, oceanic waves and tribal beats, which will resemble the shape of a hyperventilating creature.”
– Jeanette Little

Key Details
Dates: 3rd – 7th July 2017
10am – 4pm daily
Venue: Temperance Hall (199 Napier St, South Melbourne)
Cost: Free

To apply, please fill out the Sounds Unheard online application form and tick the box for the Sounds Unheard School Holiday Intensive or email for assistance. Applications close 7 June 2017.

The 2017 Sounds Unheard School Holiday Intensive is made possible through the generous support of the Victorian Government through the Department of Education and Training Strategic Partnerships Program and the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust.

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