Carolyn Connors is a Melbourne-based vocalist, composer, pianist, and accordionist who was awarded the 2015 Age Melbourne Music Award for Avant Garde and Experimental music. She creates new works in the fields of contemporary music and theatre, expanding the possibilities of the acoustic voice. Carolyn’s solo vocal works have been presented by the Melbourne Recital Centre, Sydney Festival, Dark MOFO, Liquid Architecture, ABC radio’s Sound Proof, The Ian Potter Museum, and Gertrude Contemporary. Carolyn has also toured extensively, as both a soloist and in performances including Still Awake Still; Hammers Lake, her band with Judith Hamann; Siren Song (Dark MOFO, Perth Festival); Chamber Made Opera’s Between 8 and 9 (Chengdu, Asia TOPA, and the Castlemaine State Festival).

In her Online Masterclass series for Sounds Unheard – ‘Music, Voice, Body, Sound’ – Carolyn shares advice on finding new techniques and sounds, caring for your voice, creating your own work and balancing the roles of musician, performer and artist.

In part two, Carolyn discusses the differences between the roles of musician, performer and artist. Carolyn reflects on how a career as a professional musician can involve much more than simply playing an instrument or singing, and how preparing for different opportunities – and being ready to say yes – has influenced her career and projects. There’s a lot of great advice here for young performers on how to prepare for life as a working musician!


Join us next week for part three, where we’ll look at Carolyn’s work as a composer and how she began creating her own musical projects. To learn more about Carolyn, please visit her website.



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