Ingar Zach is one of the leading percussionists/improvisers from Norway. He is known for the wide range of sounds in his drum kit and his dynamic, energetic use of percussion. Now living in Madrid, he concentrates on his solo work and his regular ensembles. He has been dedicated to experimental music and folk music for the last five years and is now touring and recording with his regular ensembles in Europe, Canada, USA, South America and Asia. He founded the Norwegian label for improvised music, SOFA, together with guitar player, Ivar Grydeland in May 2000 and the SILLÓN label in 2005.

In his Online Masterclass series for Sounds Unheard – ‘Sonic Possibilities’ – Ingar speaks about his experiences in free improvisation and composition in both solo and ensemble contexts, and the challenges of breaking down musical traditions to find a sound of your own.

In part four, ‘New Paths: Solo Projects & Composition’, Ingar discusses the concepts driving his key solo projects, the challenges of communicating your musical ideas to other performers, and some important advice for young musicians interested in finding ways to make something new and different.

Thanks to Ingar for sharing his stories and experiences in this masterclass series! To learn more about Ingar, please visit his website.


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