Thomas Meadowcroft is an Australian composer and musician. His music often examines aspects of cultural memory in contemporary society, as well as the social and political economies of music in its realisation. Thomas’ orchestral music has been performed by the BBC Symphony Orchestra and the SWR Symphony Orchestra, while his chamber music has been performed internationally with some of the world’s leading ensembles dedicated to contemporary music.

In his Online Masterclass series for Sounds Unheard, ‘An Introduction to the Value of Music’, Thomas provides an introductory lecture for young students on the political economy of music – examining how we produce and consume music in the modern world, and what value music might hold in today’s society.

In the second of these three episodes, specifically intended for students and young artists, Thomas discusses the different ways we understand the value of objects and commodities in a capitalist society. According to economic theories, how do we place value on an immaterial art form like music? How have advances in technology – recording and the internet – supported or undermined our attempts to fairly value the work of composers and musicians?

Join us next Wednesday for the third and final episode of Thomas’ masterclass series. To learn more about Thomas, please visit his website or Australian Music Centre Profile.

With thanks to our Online Masterclass partners Pughouse Studios.


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