Alon Ilsar is a drummer, composer, instrument designer and researcher. He is the co-designer of a new gestural instrument, the AirSticks. He has been heavily involved in theatre and film as drummer, composer and sound designer. Alon is researching the uses of the AirSticks in the field of health and well being, making music creation more accessible to the broader community. Alon holds a PhD in instrument design through the University of Technology Sydney, under the supervision of Andrew Johnston. He has played the AirSticks at Sydney’s Vivid Festival, on Triple J’s Like a Version and at NYC’s MET Museum.

Alon’s Sounds Unheard Studio Talk series, “Reconnecting Movement and Sound”, looks at new ways of creating and performing live electronic music. Over the course of four episodes, Alon shares his experiences as a performer and producer of music. He takes us on the journey that led to the creation of the AirSticks and how that journey is now helping to provide an accessible way for people of all abilities to take part in live music.

In the third episode, “The AirSticks 2.0”, Alon continues the story of the AirSticks development. He takes us through different stages of the hardware and software. He shows us how he has used the AirSticks in different contexts and describes the thought process and actions that led to integrating the AirSticks with acoustic drums.

Join us next week for the fourth and final episode of Alon’s series, ‘Accessibility’. For more information on Alon, please visit


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