Winnie Huang is a Chinese-Australian violinist, violist, gestural performance artist and composer currently based between Belgium and Germany. An active performer of new music, Winnie is co-artistic director and violinist of Paris-based new music ensemble soundinitiative. As one of the Lucerne Contemporary Leaders, Winnie is also currently co-curating the annual Lucerne Forward Festival and violin coach at the summer Lucerne Festival Academy.

Winnie’s Sounds Unheard Studio Talk series, “The Musical-Gestural Perspective”, delves into her strong interest in the performance of musical-gestural works, as explored through her own original compositions and collaborating with other composers, developing highly gestural contemporary works. Academically, Winnie’s doctoral artistic research was on interdisciplinary musical-gestural performance and collaborative processes, and she is expanding her artistic research further in those fields. 

In the third and final episode, ‘The Musical-Gestural Composer’, Winnie shares a few of her compositions. She discusses how these works stem from her artistic research on the musical-gestural perspective and demonstrates her compositional process. Winnie encourages us to explore our own interests, experiences and culture as a way to create art and develop an artistic practice.

Thank you for joining us for Winnie Huang’s Studio Talks Series, ‘The Musical-Gestural Perspective’. For more information on Winnie, please visit

[Photo © Gerhard Kühne]


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