Aaron Wyatt is a multifaceted musician; a violist, programmer, composer and conductor, recognised as the first Australian First Nations person to conduct one of the major Symphony Orchestras in Australia. He is the director of Ensemble Dhutala, a group founded by Yorta Yorta soprano and composer Deborah Cheetham AO to bring together Indigenous classical musicians from around the country, and a core member of the award-winning Decibel New Music ensemble. Aaron is also the developer behind the Decibel ScorePlayer app, the ensemble’s cutting edge, animated graphic notation software for the iPad.

Aaron’s Sounds Unheard Studio Talk series, “Playing Music Online”, takes a look at his innovative work in programming, telematic music and how internet technologies can be used in music performance.

In this bonus episode, Aaron talks through the initial steps involved in setting up JackTrip for anyone who’d like to try it for themselves. To download the commercial version of JackTrip, visit https://www.jacktrip.com/. To download Aaron’s JackTrip packages and access his set up guides, visit https://www.psi-borg.org/other-dev.html.

Thank you for joining us for the final episode of Aaron’s Studio Talks series. For more information on Aaron’s work with JackTrip and the Decibel ScorePlayer app, visit https://www.psi-borg.org/.


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