In part two of her Online Masterclass series for Sounds Unheard, composer and sound artist Gail Priest is taking us on a brief tour of experimental music in the 20th century.

Gail introduces us to a number of musical movements, composers, musicians and thinkers who set out to redefine what music can be – the Futurists in Italy, Musique Concrète in France, German Elektronische music and John Cage’s use of indeterminacy.  In the last section of this class, Gail also explains some theories behind the act of listening and shares some scientific research on why we listen more deeply to unpredictable sounds than we might listen to conventional music.

Tune in next Friday for Gail’s final Sounds Unheard Online Masterclass, where she’ll demonstrate how she creates music with her laptop and the Ableton Live program. We’ll also be linking you to a free trial of the Ableton Live software, so you can follow along and try this at home!



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