Claire Chase is a soloist, collaborative artist, curator and advocate for new and experimental music. Over the past decade she has given the world premieres of hundreds of new works for the flute in performances throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, and she has championed new music throughout the world by building organisations, forming alliances, pioneering commissioning initiatives and supporting educational programs that reach new audiences.

In ‘Creative Play’, a four part Sounds Unheard masterclass series for secondary school musicians, Claire explores a world of sound possibilities for the flute by looking at works from Pauline Oliveros, Edgard Varèse and younger composers of the 21st century.

In the final episode of this series, we invite you to play along with Claire as she leads us through ‘A Fluting Moment’, a work by Pauline Oliveros for solo flute or flute ensemble. We’ll explore breath, key clicks and pitches, and hear some of Pauline’s thoughts on inventing new approaches, the importance of listening and evolving musical traditions.

Thanks to Claire for joining us for this Online Masterclass series. For more on Claire, visit


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