Berlin-based composer Johannes Kreidler is a leading figure in conceptualism, working at the intersection of composition and conceptual art. In this three-part series for Sounds Unheard, ‘The Art of Ideas in Music’, Johannes explains some of his creative and controversial approaches to creating new music.

In his second masterclass in this series, Johannes discuss his work Fremdarbeit (‘Outsourcing’). After being commissioned to write a new work for the Klangwerkstatt Festival, Johannes used a small part of his fee to hire composers from low-wage countries to write a piece in the style of his other compositions. This piece explores the ethics of outsourcing, a common practice for Western businesses and companies, and questions of authorship. Who wrote this music, and who does it belong to?

Join us next week for Johannes’ final masterclass, where he will discuss the idea of ‘prepared listening’ and share some advice on finding musical inspiration. To learn more about Johannes and to hear more of his music, please visit his websiteSoundcloud or YouTube channel.



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