Winnie Huang is a Chinese-Australian violinist, violist, gestural performance artist and composer currently based between Belgium and Germany. An active performer of new music, Winnie is co-artistic director and violinist of Paris based new music ensemble soundinitiative. As one of the Lucerne Contemporary Leaders, Winnie is also currently co-curating the annual Lucerne Forward Festival and violin coach at the summer Lucerne Festival Academy.

Winnie’s Sounds Unheard Studio Talk series, “The Musical-Gestural Perspective”, delves into her strong interest in the performance of musical-gestural works, as explored through her own original compositions and collaborating with other composers, developing highly gestural contemporary works. Academically, Winnie’s doctoral artistic research was on interdisciplinary musical-gestural performance and collaborative processes, and she is expanding her artistic research further along those fields. 

In the first episode “Introduction to the Musical-Gestural”, Winnie gives us some insight into the subject of Musical-Gestural Perspective through a brief summary of her doctoral research and how that sits in the world of performance and artistic practice. Winnie shares with us a short history of changes in other art forms, including music, over the course of the 20th century that led to today. She asks us to consider the artists’ right to create, question and change and how that leads to new possibilities, new creations and new pathways.

[Thumbnail photo © Remy Assas]

Join us next week for the second episode in Winnie’s series, ‘The Musical-Gestural Performer’. For more information on Winnie, please visit


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